The Christmas countdown commences

Credit: Any Lane/Pexels It’s December! Which means the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. It is now appropriate to open advent calendars, listen to Christmas songs, watch Christmas movies, and generally start indulging in all of the activities associated with the holiday season. For my part, I started the day with Christmas music. Specifically, Destiny’s … Continue reading The Christmas countdown commences

Let’s talk horror – A Halloween blog post

Halloween: the day for trick-or-treating, costume parties, watching horror movies, and other spooky celebrations. I’ve always enjoyed Halloween and some of its traditions, and though I’ve outgrown trick-or-treating and, as a graduated adult, possibly even costumed nights out, watching spooky movies is a tradition I can continue to enjoy. Along with the traditions I indulge, … Continue reading Let’s talk horror – A Halloween blog post