The Christmas countdown commences

It’s December! Which means the countdown to Christmas has officially begun. It is now appropriate to open advent calendars, listen to Christmas songs, watch Christmas movies, and generally start indulging in all of the activities associated with the holiday season.

For my part, I started the day with Christmas music. Specifically, Destiny’s Child’s 8 Days of Christmas – a completely underrated Christmas song if you ask me. And, excited as I am for Christmas, I’m sure I’ll get up to plenty of other Christmas activities this month.

Now, I always look forward to Christmas. Even though my enthusiasm for it has somewhat decreased as I’ve grown older, it’s always a time of the year I look forward to. But this year, in particular, I find myself quite excited for the coming holiday.

Some of this can probably be put to the fact that I’m taking a bit of extra time off from work this year. Which will (hopefully) mean I get to enjoy as many Christmas activities as possible (I’ve already started a mental list of movies to watch), while also giving me plenty of time to recharge. But, I do think there’s more to it than that.

Quite honestly, and maybe slightly ironically, I think I’m so looking forward to this Christmas season because of how terrible 2020 has been. Given everything that we’ve had to deal with this year: a global pandemic, lockdowns that kept us separated from loved ones, and even loss for some of us, I think more than usual, the sentiments of Christmas are needed. I imagine that kindness, thoughtfulness, generosity, warmth and so on, are things which will all be very much appreciated this year.

We may be hindered in how we will be able to celebrate Christmas but, hopefully, we can still make the best of it and enjoy a little brightness at the end of a year that has otherwise been pretty bleak. Whether that means getting together in small groups (if circumstances allow), sending a gift in place of yourself, or even just taking the time to connect with those you love and care for by some other means. Any action, big or small, could go a long way in making life right now a little more enjoyable for family, friends, and yourself.

This has been a hard year for so many, and certainly a bad year for mental health. Maybe this Christmas can serve to help lift spirits and remind us that it’s not all doom and gloom. At least, that’s what I hope.

Almost one down, then 23 to go.

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