Looking forward

2020 (cottonbro - Pexels)

Unlike my eyesight the year is now 2020, and the arrival of the new year finds me in a somewhat optimistic mood. I find myself looking forward to what the year will bring; a reaction I suppose new years are wont to evoke, in the same way that they can evoke the desire to achieve positive change. Read my post “New Year, New Me?” for more on that.

As 2020 begins I find myself looking forward to a few things in particular. For example, as I mentioned in a previous post, I have a couple of work assignments that I’m in the middle of which I’m anxious about completing in time for a deadline. All the same, I’m excited for the satisfaction that will come with doing so and, hopefully, doing so well.

In my personal life, I look forward to getting my driving licence – also, hopefully – buying a car, and enjoying the freedom and independence that will come with both those things. I look forward to continuing my blog and hopefully achieving more success with it; to making more progress in my fiction writing projects; and, to committing more resolutely to learning the guitar and becoming a more skilled player. Just to mention a few things.

Even right now, at the beginning of the new year, I find myself excitedly anticipating the end of it and being able to look back on a hopefully successful year and recognising how far I’ve come. I wonder how I will have progressed at work and if I’ll be proud of everything I will have achieved, and if I will have gained any new skills or responsibilities. I wonder how I’ll have progressed as a person, whether I’ll have a better idea of where I see myself going in the long-term, what next steps I might be considering taking. And, of course, I find myself wondering about how well I will have done with achieving my 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

Even though I’ve come to a point in my life where I’m struggling to figure out what’s next for me and struggling to move on from comforts like living at home, which keep a semblance of sameness and reliability in it, things could still change. The future always holds the potential for change and advancement, and I have no doubt that there is some of that to come in the new year.

Whatever 2020 might bring – hopefully good, though inevitably with some bad, like stress, and disappoint, and failure – I’m excited to experience it and to see where it takes me.

If there are things you’re looking forward to in the coming year, whether they be big milestones or small endeavours, good luck with them and enjoy 2020.

Happy New Year!


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