On Life After Uni

University of BirminghamThis is going to be a short one.

And that surprises me because when I first decided to write a post about my life after uni, I thought I’d have more to say. But I’ve struggled with finding the words and getting my thoughts down on paper.

Which can’t be for lack of anything to discuss, because my life has felt so busy since I finished uni.

I got hired to my first “real-job” not too long after finishing. I moved back home, graduated, interviewed for the job, and got hired in the space of a few weeks.

I hadn’t been doing much else during that time except enjoying some “post-uni” relaxation, but after I got hired, I realised I needed to get myself together before starting. So, in the space of another few weeks I had to get my life together – i.e. merge my “uni stuff” with my “home stuff”, get my wardrobe and myself work ready, and generally organise my life – before my job and commute started to take up the majority of my time.

It’s now been just over seven months since I started, and I’m still struggling to find that ever elusive work/life balance.

Between work and commuting, trying to prepare for leaving home and life on my own, mundane responsibilities, my hobbies, the time I spend with my family and friends, and trying to stay (relatively) fit, my days feel full to bursting.

I could probably calm things down for myself by dropping some of the “non-essential” things in my life – e.g. my hobbies – but I enjoy them. And they help me destress, which to a certain extent helps me keep going even when my schedule is at it’s most busy. Cutting down on those things too much would likely do more harm than good, so I avoid doing so.

Instead, in an attempt to get everything that I need to get done whilst trying to remain relatively happy, I’ve chosen to sacrifice rest, and sleep.

That said, I do take breaks. For example, I’m posting this on a day I took off from work, so I could relax after a tiring workweek followed by a packed weekend. But I only get so much annual leave a year, and so some days I just have to keep at it and be willing to stumble through like a zombie. And in that regard, some days are really tough. Because being exhausted and busy is not the ideal state.

But I’m sure things will get better with time.

Firstly because at present some of my obligations (like learning to drive) are only temporary, and once they are done, I’ll reclaim some of my time. (And, in the case of driving I might even gain some extra time on top, because once I pass my tests and buy a car I won’t have to rely completely on public transport for my commute.)

And I’m sure everything else will get easier with time. As I get more used to my schedule and start to figure out how best to manage my time, things will settle.

And in time, I’ll also get used to how busy I am.

I’m dealing with more responsibilities and obligations than ever before in my life, which will inevitably require me to adjust, but I’m sure I will.

And for now, I’m okay with how things are.

I’m working my ideal job, I started the blog I’ve wanted to start for years, I’m reading books I’ve had on my shelf for what feels like ages, and I’m learning to play guitar. All that and I’m finally putting the work into becoming an “adult” and preparing for life on my own.

Sure, I’m busy and tired, but to me that’s a small price to pay for everything else.

As much as I miss the days of midday uni naps, I’m happy to be getting my life together and “growing up”. Finding the balance I need to handle all my responsibilities more easily whilst having some semblance of a life, is step number one. So, I’ll keep at it, and hope for the best.


6 thoughts on “On Life After Uni

  1. I never went to Uni but my daughter has just finished her first year. It certainly sounds like one hell of a transition from uni life to such a hectic life that you have now. Hope it calms down for you soon, although my life always seems to be “not enough hours in the day”. Good luck


    1. Oh, good-luck to your daughter. Tell her I recommend she enjoy it. Best days of her life, haha. It’s still hectic, but thanks for hoping. Could still settle eventually though. I’m just doing my best to try and chill out every now and then, maybe get some more sleep when I need it, and it helps. Considering your name, I’m sure getting enough rest isn’t something you’ve neglected to think about. Life is hectic for us all sometimes and we’ve just gotta learn to cope as best as we can. Thanks for reading my post and leaving a comment. I’m glad you found it engaging.


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