In need of occasional adjustment – An update on my 2022 so far

Life has been a bit chaotic lately. (And when I say that I’m referring only to my personal life, because my uninformed self isn’t going to go anywhere near discussing the current state of the world.)

Things haven’t been consistently chaotic, I’ll admit, but certainly enough that it’s been noticeable, especially in retrospect. It’s been periods of some form of routine, followed by hecticness when I disrupted said routine.

My year started with routine, as I slowly got back to working towards resolutions and goals both ongoing and new. As it was just after the lazy Christmas period, I did my best to not make my days too taxing. Outside of work, I started off slow on getting back into my workouts and dieting and dedicating what I saw as a fair amount of time to picking up my guitar again, writing, and other activities that revolve around the goals I’ve set for myself.

I had a couple of weeks to get used to that before I started commuting again. Only once a week, mind you, but it did require me to make some changes to my days. And, because I have evidently grown out of being a morning person, that shuffle was a little harder on me than it might have otherwise been. The one early morning a week I currently have to contend with occasionally still has an impact on my sleep schedule and my level of tiredness around that day, but mostly only when unexpected plans and obstacles come up.

For the most part, things settled down after a few weeks of adjusting. Until I decided to get my ass in gear to get a review post I’ve been procrastinating for some time, written and published. Ironically, I’m ignoring it again to get this post up, but I do expect it should, nevertheless, be up soon. I also recently changed my diet and workout schedule to help ensure that I continue to make progress towards my #bodygoals, and started dedicating a bit more time to my finances so that I can finally figure out creating an investment portfolio – two years after reading The Meaningful Money Handbook. Which I do while still trying to keep my time dedication to other activities relatively the same.

So yeah, the start of 2022 has been a bit bumpy, at times. But I think I’ve been coping pretty well with the occasional bit of hecticness and adjusting well as needed. I’ve also been making sure to take the occasional day off, or even just an evening, to catch up on rest when I need to. Because as much as I like the activities in my life which help me take steps towards goals in things like my fitness and finances and take pride in the progress I make in them, sometimes I just need (and want) to do nothing. Or, at least, very little.

And once I’m rested up, I get right back to my somewhat busy schedule. Because I really do like knowing that I’m being productive and taking steps towards my goals. Much like I felt I had been when I was looking back on 2020.

That really felt like my year, and I want that feeling again. I’ve been working on getting it back for some time now, and I do feel close. With my continued efforts hopefully, I’ll get there soon, or even eventually. Because as tenacious as I may be in this, only time can really tell if I’ll succeed.

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