At the end of a rollercoaster: Looking back at 2021

This year has very much been one of…inconsistency, for me. Of highs and lows, progress made, and progress lost. 

To mention a few things, my fitness journey has suffered the occasional setback; I’ve struggled to publish blog content and to make as much progress as I wanted with my other writings; and, I haven’t read a single book (which carries on a trend from 2020). Generally, 2021 hasn’t gone as well as I initially thought it would. 

I approached this year with some optimism – because of how personally productive and successful my 2020 was – so I can’t help but feel disappointed, and wish that I’d done better. But what was, was, and in the spirit of my mid-year post, the best thing I can do now is to “just keep swimming”

Also, and importantly, I remind myself that as much as my progress in 2021 seemed slow, it wasn’t for a complete lack of trying. As far as my goals and projects are concerned, I put in the effort. I won’t say it wasn’t as much as I could have or should have, because I can’t say that for sure and I also know that there were reasons why I struggled. In any case, it does me no good to beat myself up about it now.  So onwards, and (fingers crossed) upwards.

Going into 2022 I’ll remain optimistic, try my best, and see what happens.

The world in 2022

Speaking of remaining optimistic, I’m going to have to do the same for the state of the world in the coming year because in terms of news and world events 2021 was much like my personal year – a bit of a rollercoaster. 

2021 saw the US insurrection; the continuation of the coronavirus saga, with the introduction of new variants, the hope of vaccines, and the frustratingly loud opposition of anti-vaxxers; also the long-awaited COP26 climate conference, and the somewhat inevitable (yet no less disappointing) shortfall in climate promises made by nations around the world. Just to mention a few high- and lowlights.

Credit to Netflix’s Death To 2021, by the way, because watching that this week provided me with a needed reminder of this past year. I’m pleased they decided to do another in the series, after Death To 2020, but too bad it wasn’t much cheerier than its predecessor. 

Has the world always been this hectic, or have I now just started paying attention? Or is the magnitude of the mess highlighted in the wake of the still ongoing pandemic?

Probably some combination of all three. 

Whatever the case, here’s hoping for 2022.

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