Not today, Satan (It was Thursday) – A review of Bianca Del Rio’s It’s Jester Joke

Bianca Del Rio laughing

I went to see Bianca Del Rio’s It’s Jester Joke this Thursday just gone, and if there’s anything I have to say after going it’s that if she wasn’t my favourite Drag Queen before, then she definitely is now. She had me laughing from start to finish and come the end the only thing I wanted was more.

I’ve always thought Bianca was hilarious. Hence, why I watched endless YouTube clips of her on RuPaul’s Drag Race after I initially found the show; why I eventually watched the entirety of season 6 (or, Bianca’s season, as I like to call it); and, why I’ve spent nine months looking forward to finally seeing her live, on stage. Her particular brand of “hateful humour,” and her shining personality, have always made me laugh, and I was excited to get to experience them for an entire show.

After getting to see a full Bianca Del Rio comedy routine, I can safely say that in addition to being my favourite Drag Queen, she’s now, at least one of, my favourite comedians too.

Bianca was rude, crude, and offensive – as I heard a woman comment as my friend and I left the arena, “she took no prisoners” – but as bad as I may have felt for laughing at some of what she said, she was simply too hilarious. Homophobic, racist, ableist, all this hatefulness and more, and yet she still had me bent over in laughter – you really just had to be there. After all, It’s Jester Joke, right? I had a ball, and time flew whilst I was in that audience.

As for Bianca’s supporting act, Wendy Ho, her particular brand of crude and weird humour made me cringe at times, but I can’t deny that it had me laughing as well. A great opener, with a pretty good singing voice.

It’s Jester Joke was brilliant. Bianca’s jokes were on point, her interaction with the audience was practically seamless, and as always – no matter how much she bags on her own appearance – she looked stunning. Definitely the most glamorous clown I’ve ever seen.

I loved the show, and I’d definitely go again. Next time I might even splurge and get out of “the cheap seats”.

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